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Repair & Maintenance

Valves are a key component to the efficient operation of most industrial processes and promote product quality and a company’s responsibility to the environment. They provide a safe operating environment plus provide safety protection in an emergency. Valves are expected to perform instantly and perfectly every time they are needed. This implies that a worn-out, faulty or leaking valve could result in costs that are far more than the price of buying a new replacement.

At Brimis Engineering, we are fully equipped to repair and recondition most major industrial valve brands, types and sizes, including safety valves, using skills and experience acquired over many years.

We also offer a mobile facility which can carry out safety valve testing, overhaul and certification, thus reducing downtime and in most cases eliminate the need to send valves off site to the service centre. We can offer supply of all types of new, repaired or refurbished industrial valves. All reconditioned valves are tested to national standards.

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