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Introducing our unique valve refurbishment services

Linked to our extended guarantee offering, Brimis’ valve overhaul service means that we can repair and recondition most major industrial valve brands, types and sizes (including safety valves) in your plant.

Our processes include:

  • Meticulous stripping of all valve components
  • Component cleaning
  • Full inspection to manufacturer’s tolerance
  • Replacement of all damaged/expired components
  • Machining of flange, seat and disc faces as required

  • Replacement of packing and gaskets
  • Full assemblage, pressure testing and coating to requirements and specifications

Our valve overhaul solution means that you benefit from the quality, flexibility, availability and cost-efficiency we’ve come to be associated with.

We’re also able to offer you the option of purchasing and fitting repaired or refurbished industrial valves, with all reconditioned valves tested against national standards.


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